DEGREE: Psychology - Teaching Degree and Psychologist Bachelor- Since 1989 - 2015
•Understanding and Diagnosing ADHD in Late Adolescents and Adults (APA)
•Emerging Best Practices for Telepsychology  Services (APA)
•Contributions to the Psychology for the Understanding of  Educational Problems (IPUSP)
•Symposium on Obsessive/Compulsive Syndrome (HCFMUSP)
•Neuropsychology - Escola Paulista de Psicologia Avançada (São Paulo School of Advanced Psychology) - Module I
•Specialization in Interpretation of Dreams through an Adaptive e Creative Process (IPUSP)
• Specialization - Reichian Psychotherapy - Centro de Estudos Energéticos
•Course in the Psychology & Psychiatry of Pain (APM)
•Course of Specialization in Flowers of (the State of) Minas Gerais
•Interpersonal Relationships
•Jungian Psychology (Coordinator: Bernadete Pacheco - Psychologist)
•Third Symposium on Clinical Psychology (Centro de Est. Existentialismo e Psicoterapia).
• Vocational Orientation
•Psychology Applied to Physiognomy
• Sexual Orientation for Adolescents

1- "The Ages of the Emotional Expressions" - A New Vision of the Tree Test-By Rozilene Marques da Silva - 1st edition - 2002 - Published in 2002 - Publisher:  VETOR- Editora Psico-Pedagógica Ltda/Brazil.

2- "Massage": Pedagogical Section.
3- "The Pain of Emotional Injuries": Pedagogical Section.
4- "The Expression of Emotional Illness in Business": Pedagogical Section.
5-"Stress - Cause of Imbalance of the Body and Mind of the Child"
6-"Infantile Stress Can Be Avoided": Magazine "Viver Psicologia" -

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