Christopher Frye, American, whose first language is English (US), and his second language is Portuguese (Brazil).
Rozilene Frye, Brazilian, naturalized American citizen, whose first language is Brazilian Portuguese, and her second language is English (US).

Christopher Frye, has specialized for over 18 years as an interpreter and translator for English to Portuguese of Brazil and vice versa, where he has gained experience in technical areas, in technical manuals for machinery, translations for the oil and gas industry, in the legal field, contracts, regulations and criminal and civil procedures, and as an interpreter in legal actions, and in medicine. He has done translation of manuals for medical instruments, for pharmacology, as well as via the Internet for hospitals. Has 35 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of printing equipment, as well as translation and revision of manuals for robotic welding stations, Brazilian literature, has translated spiritualist novels and technical books, handouts and a psychology textbook, as well as handouts on esoteric subjectss.

His wife Rozilene Frye, Brazilian, has 33 years of experience as a psychologist and writer; she is working in Fryes Translations as a translatorm editor and reviewer of theses, texts, books, mechanical manuals, web site design, manuals for medical and technical instruments, transcription as well as developing narration for audio and slides, and translation of Portuguese web sites to English and vice versa.


Christopher and Rozilene have done work for:

Apple, Inc., Petrobras, Amazon, Yahoo and Google, as subcontractors, translating and revising web sites; Language Weaver (SDL), legal and commercial translation for Moravia Worldwide, Geotext, Merrill Brink and many others.

Together they also develop courses, lectures, workshops live and via the Internet, as well as weddings with sequential interpretation of Portuguese to English and vice versa at the classroom level. They develop web sites, as well as translating English to Portuguese and vice versa.

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