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•Language Connections,
•Language People, Inc.,
•Auerbach International,
•Orozco and Assoc.,
•Continental Interpreting.
•National Communications Systems.
•Interpreted for patients in various hospitals, including Stanford University Hospital.
•Interpreted for legal depositions.
•Interpreted for cases in Labor Court.
•Has done interpreting over the Internet
•Interpreted for a 3 day audit at Konica-Minolta in São Paulo for Language Connections, LLC.

  • James Whaley, Language People, Inc.-

         ( 707) 538-8900 ext.1008-1047

  • Language Connections, Abigayle Eames    

          +1 (617) 277-1649

  • Iinterpret, Palo Alto, Ca.Renee Alvarez


  • Language People, Temecula, Ca.,

          Jena Stucker

         707.538.8900 ext. 1014

  • Orozco & Associates, Long Beach, Ca. 

         Diana Orozco

         (562) 997-8891

  • Auerbach International, San Francisco, Ca.

         Phillip Auerbach -    


  • Continental Interpreting Services, Orange, Ca.

          (800) 201-7121 ext 312​